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In this workshop, we will apply awareness of marma points, Ayurvedic energy points found throughout the body, in a yin yoga class as a way to focus attention to places in our body for yogic energy release and healing. We will follow the marma yin experience with a short yoga Nidra practice to further promote restorative release, relaxation, and bliss.

Self-investment $30

This lovely experience will be led by Stacie Couvillon who studied Marma Yin with Carole Westerman of Evolve to Harmony in Omaha, NE.

February 26, 2023


6:00-7:30 PM

Surya Namaskar &

Crystal Bowl Meditation

for the Chakras

Join us as we balance our energy by moving our bodies through a series of sun salutations designed to work physically through the chakra system. Then, we will restore body and mind with a crystal bowl chakra sound bath meditation. The room will be gently warmed.

Friday, March 10, 2023 ~ 5:30-7:30 pm

Self-Investment $35

Free Your Fascia


Is your body feeling stiff, tight or maybe even stuck? Find fluidity & mobility in this fun, fascia focused class! Fascia is the intricate web of connective tissue in your body that holds everything together... and it likes attention. We will work out the knots and spots with yoga therapy balls and foam rollers beginning with our feet and working our way up!

Self-investment $30.

724 SE Alice's Road
Waukee, IA 60263

Tune Up balls_edited.jpg
Nurture Your Feet, Nurture Your Body

COMING SOON: Yamuna Foot Fitness

Your feet are the foundation of your body yet they are often neglected. Join Kathy Butler-Klein to show your feet a little attention. Kathy will teach you how to create optimal space in your feet by restoring length and width to the muscles and bones. The replenished space will increase the range of motion in your joints, increase your flexibility, improve your circulation and bring you back to healthy foot function.

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